Bespoke Singing Tuition

Increase range, have amazing tone, solve vocal problems

Singing tuition available at the following times:

Mondays - Fridays 9.30am - 8.30p.m.
Saturdays 1.30- 5.00pm

Held at: 23 Highmead, Rayleigh, Essex, SS67DT.

Focusing on every student’s individual needs.
Beginners – improvers – professionals

 under 17 yr olds  £20 per half hour.  

ADULTS.......£55 per hour   £28.00 half hour 

Note: Buying through paypal incurs small charge



 It's hard to teach yourself to sing. We all have habits that need pointing out to us.    


We all have habits so strong that we do them naturally until those habits are pointed out as the reason why you can't find your own singing voice.

Sometimes reading  instructions on breathing etc  can be confusing and seem to make matters worse as you practise. The thing is we are not all the same and so you cannot expect an instruction that suits one person to suit you. You'll be amazed how holding onto a little air can give the impression that they'll never be able to sing on pitch. 


In your first lesson I get to find out about you and whats stopping you singing.

I know there's plenty on the internet of videos and exercises which are said to be 'cheaper than having lessons' which in my opinion actually  isn't if you don't understand yourself and your habits. 

After laying out anything from 200-350 dollars for all these exercises which are supposed to change you, how do you know if you're doing them right if you have no knowledge of the workings of the voice? 

Want to progress? Get to know your instrument -learn how your voice can work well with exercises and how it jams up with bad habits


Get a voice that people will sit up and listen to.
Call me now on: 07789127280

LESSONS: Please bring a digital recording device (iphones are great) to record your lesson.